Bringing Our Passion for Community to Your Community


Strategically allocating
capital to minimize risks
and maximize returns.

As a dedicated investment management and real estate development firm, we specialize in shaping vibrant living spaces that redefine the way we live. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and visionary design drives us to create extraordinary multifamily developments that spark connections, elevate lifestyles, and leave an enduring legacy.
Image showing how our work as an investment firm transforms communities.

The Surge Advantage

We understand that our projects go beyond bricks and mortar; they become the foundation for nurturing communities and enhancing lives. Our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and ethical standards drives everything we do.
Image depicting how our entitlement experience as a real estate development firm allowed us to build over 4,000 units.

Entitlement Experience

  • 4.031 units approved
  • 30+ cites
  • 7 markets
  • 1.275 units in entitlement pipeline

Construction Experience

  • 928 units developed
  • $117MM construction debt
  • 7 markets
  • 15+ General Contractors
  • 35+ years of team experience

Image showing Norman Lofts, one of our projects done.

Capital and Investments

  • Raised: $34MM
  • Deployed: $29MM
  • Average Check Size: $1,244,120
  • Capital raising efforts commenced November 2021 at firm’s inception.

Our Portfolio

We don’t just build properties; we forge relationships to ensure the success of every project. In every successful project, we strive to provide the best possible outcomes for our investors and move the real estate industry one step forward.


We love building projects that have a positive impact on their communities. We focus our efforts on development and new construction for multi-family assets. We love to keep projects that we build, but we also frequently build with the intent to sell after construction is completed.
  • Class-B Multifamily Apartments
  • Garden-style Product
  • Workforce Housing
  • Market-rate, Long-term Rentals
  • Ground-up Development
  • Primary/Secondary Markets